Securities Markets

Here are some useful links to articles, cases or other sources on securities market issues:

Market Efficiency

Halliburton Opening Brief in Halliburton v Erica John Fund (Pages 14-25 discuss applicability of the efficient markets hypothesis to securities markets)

Ninth Circuit Misconstrues Loss Causation Requirement in Loos v. Immersion Corp. (Straight Arrow Sept. 16, 2014 Blog Post)

High Frequency Trading

The (Questionable) Legality of High-Speed “Pinging” (Connecticut Law Review)

Run EDGAR Run – SEC Dissemination in a High-Frequency World (Jonathan L. Rogers, Douglas J. Skinner, and Sarah L.C. Zechman)

SEC Dissemination in a High-Frequency World (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation)

EU Report: High-Frequency Trading Activity in EU Equity Markets

HFT Nearly Half Of Equity Value Trades In European Markets (law 360 article by S. Russell-Kraft)

Fast Traders Are Getting Data From SEC Seconds Early (Wall Street Journal article by R. Tracy and S. Patterson)

The Idiots Guide to High Frequency Trading (M. Cuban Post on Maverick Blog)

High Frequency Trading, and Proof that the SEC Approach to  Insider Trading is Completely Wrong (M. Cuban Post on Maverick Blog)

High Frequency Trading: Is It A Dark Force Against Ordinary Human Traders And Investors? (Forbes article by R. Finger)

High-Frequency Hyperbole (Wall Street Journal article C. Asness and M. Mendelson)

The Many Rewards, and the Hidden Risks, of High Frequency Trading (Christian Science Monitor article by H. Bruinius)

Does High Frequency Trading (HFT) “Rig” the Market? (Straight Arrow July 20, 2104 Blog Post)

Post “Flash,” Where Trading Reform Is Headed (Corporate Counsel article by T. Karpoff and M. Margolis)

Into the Heart of Darkness on Wall Street (NY Law Journal article by S. Slaughter)

A detailed exposé on how the market is rigged from a data-centric approach (High Frequency Trading Analysis Posted on

SEC HFT Enforcement Action Looks Nothing Like “Flash Boys” (Straight Arrow October 21, 2014 Blog Post)

SEC Hints At Weak Hand With First HFT Manipulation Penalty (Law 360 article by E. Beeson)

SEC Studies Say High-Frequency Trading Has Benefits  (Law 360 article by E. Beeson)

 Mortgage-Backed Securities Markets

The Crisis: The More We Know, The Less We Understand (Law 360 article by K. Judge)

NY Court: Sophisticated Investors Must Show Diligence To State RMBS Fraud Claims (Straight Arrow June 17, 2014) Blog Post)

SEC Broker-Dealer and Investment Adviser Regulatory Issues

What Does It Take To Make The SEC Happy? (Law 360 article about SEC broker-dealer enforcement action by B. Bettigole)

Private Equity

Private Equity Facing Increased SEC Scrutiny Amid Ambiguous Rules (Straight Arrow Nov. 17, 2014 Blog Post)

New Developments in the SEC Focus on Private Funds (Arnold & Porter)

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